Friday, July 24, 2009

Evolution of Two Bands

This 60's band featured one of the greatest rockers ever: Steve Marriott. No member of the band stood taller than 5'5".

Small Faces
Itchycoo Park

Marriott left the Small Faces to form one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all-time...
Humble Pie

Humble Pie
Don't Need No Doctor

The Small Faces regrouped after Marriott left and became one of the biggest rock&roll acts ever, with Rod Stewart (from the Jeff Beck Group) taking over as lead singer and Ronnie Wood (future Rolling Stones) on lead guitar, with Kenney Jones (Keith Moon's replacement in The Who) on drums.
Stay With Me

Many original Small Faces came to a bad end. Steve Marriott died when his house accidently burned down in 1991. Bassist Ronnie Laine died of multiple sclerosis in 1997, but they had left a huge legacy.

I'm Losing You